The 'Kreatywni dla Szczecina' association is an organisation that brings together socially active people. The mission of our association is concerned with the broadly understood efforts for the benefit of the citizens of Szczecin and the West Pomeranian region.

Our goals are to:

  • support, inspire and activate groups that influence the development of Szczecin,
  • establish contacts between various groups operating in Szczecin or being connected with our city,
  • support and initiate investments in the field of culture, sport, recreation, science and economy,
  • promote prosocial attitudes and civil society,
  • build social and cultural awareness, including formation of common, European cultural and social identity,
  • take care of the multigenerational tradition of the city of Szczecin, cultivate and promote it,
  • act for the benefit of the broadly understood development of Szczecin,
  • build and consolidate bonds between the citizens of the city of Szczecin and its culture and tradition,
  • initiate and support efforts concerning preventing and solving social problems,
  • make pro-entrepreneurial efforts.

We Love Szczecin - Kreatywni Dla Szczecina

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